Freyja Nekoyama






Circus Performer (former)


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≽ Freyja ≼

"I know we can do it! We're the Ice Cool Adventurers!"

Freyja is a glass completely full kinda feline, which can be overhelming to some. She wants the world to get along so she often sticks her whiskers where she isn't welcome.

- Is very good at reading the room but sometimes ignores social cues in order to bond with others or fix awkward tension.

- While in the circus, her solo act was performing the slide-whistle. She is also adept in various other tricks, like acrobatics, juggling, magic tricks, etc.

- She and Brynja often play a game called "How many balloons can we stick to Freyja's fur". Their current record is 5.

- Has two adoptive fathers named Kenny and Thrax. She started her journey searching for her "real family" but realized they were back home all along.
- Gossip
- Dancing
- Climbing
- Fish
- Getting her fur brushed

- Awkward silence
- Being alone
- Keeping secrets
- Dogs

Creator Notes
Freyja was my first OC made for a D&D game with my friends. Our sessions quickly became less about the actual gameplay and more about the OCs we created, turning them into the complex and evergrowing characters they are today. There have been countless AUs, multiple timeskips, and so much lore that I sometimes feel like she's morphed into something that I cannot control. She's less of a stat sheet and more of an idea, and she'll always hold a very special place in my heart.

Brynja - Partner

Brynja is Freyja's life partner. They met while adventuring and formed an unbreakable bond. They now live a quiet life in the countryside and have a daughter named Bren.

Xarrakir - Best Friend

Xarrakir and Freyja met while adventuring and quickly became each other's wingmen on their romantic endeavors. They have a nice dynamic where Freyja can yap for hours and Xarrakir enjoys listening.

Aethelreda - Close Friend

A relationship with more of a rocky start (from Aethelreda's POV only) that eventually blossomed into a strong bond. Aethelreda sometimes needs to prepare for Freyja time with a few tylenol.

Pyrite - Close Friend

Pyrite, being a chaotic force, sometimes clashed with Freyja's kind personality, but after a long time on the road together they began to respect each other's different strategies.

Svarakov- Mentor Figure

Svarakov was only a part of the group for a short time, but left a massive impact on Freyja's life. She will be forever haunted by what she could have done differently in their final battle.