TV series
Dungeon Meshi
Jan 1st -

Another seasonal anime that's roping me back in! Everyone was raving about DunMen online so I had to check it out. I love the fantasy setting (very Frieren) and the characters absolutely make the show. Laios my beloved. I'm glad it's going to be airing for so long! I'll absolutely be reading the manga once this season finishes.
Fullmetal Alchemist

Rewatching Fullmetal Alchemist with my buddies! I've been wanting to revisit it since it was one of my first anime and I absolutely adored it. I'm trying to frankenstein an experience consisting of '09 and Brotherhood in order to let my friend who has never seen it get the best experience so we'll see how that goes~
Jujutsu Kaisen 2nd Season
Jul 6th -

I've been watching JJK s2 for a LONG time with my bud... we've been slow with it but have begun to catch up recently. To be honest I was really only interested in the Star Plasma Vessel arc so once we got to Shibuya I lost a bit of interest. I've read the manga for this season so nothing is new to me... excited for stuff past this!
Baldur's Gate 3
November -

AHHHH I've been playing BG3 for like 4 months and I want to finish it soon!! I'm playing on a Mac so it's been painfully slow... and even MORE painfully slow now that I'm in Act 3 and they have to load in 1,000 NPCs...
But I hope to finish it soon, I adore the story and characters so I want to see how my path concludes!
NieR Replicant
March -

SOO I decided not to play FFVII anymore due to the stress about which version to play, instead hopping over to NieR! I LOVED Automata, it's one of my favorite games of all time, so I have very high hopes for this game. I think I will love it :3
Monogatari Series
(a long endeavour...)

My goal is to finish all of the Monogatari series light novels! Occasionally you'll see new ones pop up on my 2024 media page, I'm reading them at an inconsistent but pretty quick speed (I have a lot of down time at work...). I understand that the anime series has its flaws but I think generally the novels have been a lot better! Yay!
Chainsaw Man
(ongoing series)

I've been reading Chainsaw Man as it comes out ever since the end of Part 1 finished.
I'm currently not enjoying Part 2 as much but I'm hoping that it'll catch up to the quality of Part 1, since it's my favorite manga of all time!

Reze movie airing when. . .